Interlocking Pronal platform lifting bags for challenging lifts

Supplier: Air Springs Supply By: James Maslin
23 July, 2017

Interlocking stackable Pronal heavy lift cushions are being introduced by Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd for heavy horizontal raising and rescue tasks across major sectors.

These sectors include automotive, construction, electrical, infrastructure, materials handling, resources, transport and government utilities.

The CPF 10 bar (145psi) Platform Lifting Bags – with individual starting thicknesses of just 25mm and individual lifting capacities up to 84.6 tons – can be stacked in threes for extremely stable lifts up to 510mm.

Their flat, interlocking tops and bottoms make them a most forgiving and effortless lifting solution in compromised and difficult stabilisation situations including in softer, irregular and remote areas, says James Maslin, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Air Springs Supply, which is national distributor for Pronal products. Areas in which the CPFs excel include:

  • Lifting of pressure vessel, electrical machinery and fabricated steel components, including manufacturing, energy utility and infrastructure environments
  • Emergency removal of heavy weights (slabs, beams) from trapped people and objects, including construction and resources developments
  • Machine height adjustment in multiple industrial and materials handling environments
  • Raising of vehicles and mobile machinery, including recovery operations in civil and industrial environments.
  • Maintenance services

Available in individual lifting capacities of 31.4 to 84.6 tons, the five models of CPF bags weigh from just 11 to 26kg, adding to their safe ease of handling and positioning in awkward and emergency situations.

"These robust, smooth and powerful lifters – built to the same Pronal global standards trusted by military, civil, aviation and maritime authorities – are the ideal product to lift heavy horizontal objects effortlessly," says Maslin. 

The cushions' flat, interlocking tops and bottoms enable them to be safely and easily stacked in threes, offering a most forgiving and safe solution in stabilisation situations. A secure lifting column is created by the weight of the object being lifted and the surface of the lifting bag.

Made from several layers of elastomer, they are vulcanised under vacuum in an autoclave for dependable long-life performance, says Maslin.

CPF lifting bags offer:

  • Constant lifting power during the entire lift
  • Safety factor of 3 (bursting pressure V working pressure)
  • High burst pressure
  • Operate in conjunction with conventional control systems
  • Maximum stacking in threes
  • Accessories including Deadman controllers, inflation hoses, adaptors, shut-off unit and pressure regulator

About Pronal

Pronal is one of the world's most experienced and respected producers of flexible products used to lift, push, press, seal and store. Founded in 1961 and headquartered near Lille in the north of France, PRONAL builds standard and customised flexible products from fabrics coated with elastomer and/or plastomer. In addition to extensive industrial expertise, Pronal also works in the defence, aerospace, civil emergency and maritime/harbour sectors.

Pronal's Australian distributor, Air Springs Supply, is Australia's leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors.