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Jacques Future Proof Communications

Jacques Future Proof Communications | Business Communication Systems

Jacques Future Proof Communications

Jacques is an innovative design and manufacturing company producing world class integrated communcation systems for a variety of industrial applications including:
• Secure facilities, police stations, watch houses, courthouses
• Intelligent transport
• Residential, including homes and apartments
• Commercial and industrial applications
• All locations where public safety is required

Our innovative team has developed a wide product range which includes fully integrated VoIP or Standalone digital intelligent intercom systems, Emergency and Information Help Point Systems, and flexible Multi-channel/Multi-zone Public Address Systems. Jacques core competencies are in combining VoIP technology with our 30 years of experience in audio products to produce flexible Intercom, Emergency and Information Help Point and Public Address systems.

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Jacques strengths lie in our innovative product design and manufacturing skills. Our original ideas and unique style come directly from our dedicated engineering team, who make leading edge customised products a reality. Jacques design and develop all software and hardware for our voice communication products in Australia, which enables us to offer our clients the option of customised solutions for special project requirements. Jacques allocates a significant amount to Research & Development each year to continually refine our products to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Jacques maintains strong relationships with large major contractors, security corporations, consulting engineers, system specifiers, government departments, resellers and end users in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world. Jacques currently exports our products in Asia Pacific and the UAE and is continually looking to expand our international presence.

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