JLG ‘customer care' - the name says it all

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
24 May, 2017

As one of Australia’s leading materials handling companies, JLG realised many years ago that having a leading range of access equipment was not enough – customers were looking for a more holistic solution to their needs.

This prompted JLG to take a very close look at how to better support its clients beyond just supply machines, and this lead them along the path to establishing the industry's pre-eminent aftersales support services, encompassing a range of market-leading offerings that competitors couldn't - and still can't - match.

Simply know as JLG 'Customer Care', it allows customers to choose from a range of services designed to make ownership of JLG equipment efficient and hassle-free.

For customers wishing to engage JLG to service and maintain their equipment, the company operates six service outlets in Australia and one in New Zealand, these facilities are complemented by a fleet of 55 strategically stationed vehicles, designed to provide coverage across all Australian States and Territories and in New Zealand's North and South Islands.

JLG Director - Customer Care Australia and New Zealand, Rob Branch, says that JLG technicians are increasingly maintaining a variety of different brand access equipment, as well as other workshop machines - these range from compressors and generators to golf buggies.

"Beyond offering expert service and maintenance of JLG equipment, JLG service outlets and mobile maintenence vehicles are increasingly undertaking wor on a variety of competitor machines and other forms of equipment," Rob Said.

"Having easily the broadest coverage across Australia and New Zealand of any access equipment company, JLg is being used as a one-stop maintenance service, with clients benefiting from many efficiencies in dealing with us, including having a single point of contact for all of their equipment maintenance, repair and trouble-shooting needs.

"As an example, for one client we maintain all their access equipment which comprises a number of brands, along with maintenance of their golf buggies and even hand trolleys."

Another key area in which JLG is assisting customers minimise equipment downtime is in the supply of spare parts, both for JLG and other brand machines. For faster turnaround, JLG carries over $8 million of spare parts inventory in Australia and New Zealand, providing fast and easy access to a wide range of parts.

This level of stock inventory compares favourably with competitors who hold minimal local stock, with many of their parts needing to be flown to Australia, leading to increased down-time.

Ordering parts through JLG is also fast and efficient through 'Online Express'. Once a customer is registered, they can download the Online Express App to their mobile device or access the system via a PC, providing access to interactive parts manuals and machine specifications and allowing them to check parts availability and pricing, and to order parts for delivery anywhere in Australia.

JLG's service vehicles are also at the forefront of innovation, using wireless In-Van-Technology to provide technicians with real-time access to equipment service records and job status, parts ordering, and up-to-date service histories that help to optimise service efficiencies. The service vehicles operate in a virtually paper-free environment.

These services add to JLG's broader Customer Service offerings including generous equipment warranties and inspection services. And for customers wanting absolute peace of mind with their JLG equipment, the company offers a Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program (CPMP).

CPMP is ideal for client's who don't employee maintenance divisions, or who would prefer to concentrate on their core areas of business and leave their fleet maintenance needs in the hands of the experts at JLG.

According to Rob, JLG has offered CPMP for approximately ten years now, with an increasing number of clients opting for this form of equipment maintenance. For an agreed monthly set fee, JLG will oversee all of the statutory and maintenance requirements of the machines.

"A number of fleet owners are moving away from in-house maintenance, or using CPMP to supplement their maintenance functions, other clients would just prefer the convenience of a fixed price maintenance - they know what the cost will be each month, so they're provided with better budgetry control," he said.

Rounding out JLG's extensive range of product support services is the company's National Technical Support Centre and ClearSky system.

The national technical Support Centre provides expert technical information and advise to customers over the phone, from simple enquiries to the provision of in-depth, step by step fault finding.

And ClearSky combines GPS technology with data reporting via mobile phone, providing real-time equipment position and operational reporting including fault reporting alerts via email that allow online diagnosis and the dispatch of service personnel with the right parts to get the machine back to work quickly.

Rob says that JLG's strong focus on the customer is being assisted by a company-wide philosophy of continuous improvement.

"Using 'Lean' and 'Success" principles and with a culture of continuous improvement, JLG is focused on staying at the forefront of the industry by introducing innovative products and support services and delivering these to the customer in a way that provides them with the greatest value and efficiency", Rob said.

"It's our commitment to customers, and the company has a very strong track record in this area - we hope to share some exciting new developments with our clients in regards to extending our Customer Care offerings in the very near future."