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Kenro Metal Services

Kenro Metal Services | Metal Fabrication & Welding

Kenro Metal Services

Kenro Metal Services is a family business, specialising in metal fabrication and welding, founded in 1979. Located in Toowoomba, Queensland, Kenro is well suited to servicing all areas of Australia.

With a firm commitment to world class and lean manufacturing, Kenro is constantly training our staff in various trades and constantly implements best practices programs.

Kenro has the facilities and expertise to manufacture your components and products to your exact specifications. Some of Kenro's many services include metal fabrication and welding, cropping, guillotining, sawing, punching, stamping, pressing, bending, drilling, tapping, linishing, and rumbling. Kenro also offers laser and profile cutting, turning and machining services too.

To add the finishing touches to an already comprehensive service, Kenro can electroplate, galvanise, powdercoat or paint your components. Following manufacture and finishing, Kenro can assemble, pack and deliver your order to your door.

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Our goal is to gain your confidence and build lasting relationships through our honesty, integrity and reliability.

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