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KROHNE Australia

KROHNE Australia | Process Measurement

KROHNE Australia

KROHNE is the Level and Flow Company. We offer a complete range of flow and level products.

In our modern production plants around the world, we produce measuring instruments of the highest precision, operating reliability and dependability. By developing future-oriented production techniques, we consistently put technological progress into everyday practice.

Flow products
Volumetric flow
- Variable Area Flowmeters
- Electromagnetic Flowmeters
- Ultrasonic Flowmeters
- Vortex Flowmeters
- Flow Controllers
Mass Flow
- Straight-tube Coriolis Flowmeters (3rd Generation)
- Low Flow Coriolis Flowmeters

Level Products
Our second strength is in level detection and measurement. Here we offer:

Continuous Flow Measurement
- Level radar, non-contact
- TDR, contact guided microwave
Mechanical level gauges
- Flap indicators
- Floats
Flow switches and gauges
- vibration

Supplementary products
To supplement these mainstay products we also offer a range of temperature and pressure gauges and conductivity meters, particularly for hygienic applications.

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