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Large General Purpose Gun Drilling Machine | Miroku

Supplier: Miroku Machine Tool, Inc.

Miroku offers two varieties of large general purpose gundrilling machines.

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Miroku (Japan) can be described as a company which consists of two principles: maintaining the highest level of engineering and being an innovative leader. Miroku continues to service all industries with deep hole drilling applications to improve efficiencies and production output.

Large Gun Drill Machines Large Applications


Product Summary: JUMBO-1500/2000,MHG(H)-1000/1200/1500NC

  • This machine was developed for large mold base type of work material and using a column type bed with NC controls. The table allows heavy load to be mounted and cool holes as ejector holes can be easily processed with this machine.
  • This machine have a large flexiblitiy with the crucial status of gun drilling process such a s Spindle Speed (Infinite), Cutting feed (Infinite), Coolant Pressure can be selected with affordability.
  • Also by attaching a tapping unit (Cutting feed done by manually) PT1/8 - PT3/4 tapping process can be attached.
  • We also have AUTO Tapping unit as a special option.
  • If a single work piece have different hole depths, this machine capacity will allow either a single type of work or Large general type of work.
  • Computerised numerical control assures highly accurate positioning and permits unattended operation.


Large Gun Drill Machines with Fixed Type Table


Product Summary: MSHG-1500

  • This machine was developed for large moulds with a fixed table, column movable specification. Due to Table being a fixed type, heavy weight work load is accepted and easily used for water holes and pin holes.
  • The Spindle speed and feeds is infinite variable type and all the crucial components for the best gun drilling performance such as high coolant pressure are selected for this model.
  • When drilling different holes with different depth in the same work piece, this machine is useful under both small lot production to mass production scenario.
  • Using a NC Unit, accurate positioning and long un-manned operation is possible.

Large General Purpose Machines