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Leuze electronic Pty Ltd

Leuze electronic Pty Ltd | SMART SENSOR BUSINESS

Leuze electronic Pty Ltd

Nestled in the light industrial suburb of Bayswater, Leuze electronic provides technically innovated products for the Automation industry at large and specializes in products mainly used for the detection objects or their definitive position and their qualitative or qualitative characteristics.

Leuze electronic also proudly produces a wide range of Safety light curtains for the use of protection of people and assets in the manufacturing sectors. Our wide product range includes safety guarding, precision switches and industrial sensors.

We supply solutions to a vast range of industries with our primary customer base in the metalworking, automotive and plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries has provided a stable base from which our technological innovation has branched into a broad array of applications. Our sensors are used to control, regulate, automate, position, and monitor many manufacturing and production processes.
Our third party product ranges include:
PIZZATO: position switches, push buttons, safety switches, safety modules and foot switches.
TR-ELECTRONIC: rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives and components.
HAAKE: safety interlocks, bump strips, safety edges and safety valves.
LUMBERG: cables, connectors and distribution boxes.
QLIGHT: tower lights, beacons, sirens, ex-proof signal devices and limit switches.
WIKA; pressure/temperature/level fluid sensors and pressure transmitters.
PINNACLE; Safety mats.

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We provide SMART SENSOR BUSINESS in areas of Conveyor/Storage Systems, Packaging industry, Robotics/Handling, Machine Tools and now offer Machine Safety Services which includes: Risk assessments, SRS documentation, Safety circuit design/analysis and verification, safety system validation, risk assessments and safety training.

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