Lighting protection prevents damage at correctional facilities

Supplier: Lightning Down Under
23 February, 2016

Located in a valley at the foot of an escarpment, Lithgow Correction Facility is prone to severe electrical storms which can cause frequent damage to state of the art security technology and other sensitive electrical systems.

The Department of Corrections approched LDU as they needed a solution to the problem of frequent damage to electrical systems from regional storms. LDU designed a system incorporating an umbrella of Prevectron Lightning Protection terminals to totally cover the entire facility combined with high quality surge protection to protect all the very sensitive technology throughout the facility.
Since the installation completion the Lithgow Correctional Facility has not suffered any damage from lightning even though the first storm they experienced after the installation was one of the most severe they had on record. The department has saved millions of dollars they would have spent on repairing damage. To date LDU have installed systems in 6 other correctional facilities with similar results.
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