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Lock Joint Australia

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Lock Joint Australia

Lock Joint Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of joints for concrete paths and cycleways. Our flagship product, 'Lock Joint', is a rigid PvC articulating, interlocking control and contraction joint. By using Lock Joint, the chance of the concrete panels displacing, ie popping up or sinking, is greatly reduced. Its unique sinusoidal (curved) profile locks two concrete panels together, resulting in a more even distribution of weight and keeping the joint even to avoid tripping.

Sandjacking and weed growth in the joint are also greatly minimised, due to the rubber capping which seals the top of the joint. Lock Joint Australia also manufactures formwork for paths and is a supplier of bitumen fibre board (Canite / BIF Mastic), expansion foam in a range of sizes and colours and Liqui-Hard - a concrete hardener, densifier, curer and sealer.

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