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Lucas Mill

Lucas Mill firmly believes in providing high quality products at affordable prices. Founded on the intention to expand the horizons of landholders and small-medium forestry operators, Lucas Mill was established with the objectives of developing a timber-milling machine that was:

Simple to operate, Affordable without compromising quality, and Versatile with regards to its ability to be used in any environment.

These goals have lead to the development of a machine that is effective, economical and only limited by the initiative of its operator. Consequently, the opportunities that a Lucas portable sawmill can present for an individual or company are endless, and this is clearly demonstrated through the vast applications that have seen the machines flourish in diverse markets all over the world. From the owner builder to the contract timber miller, from the freezing extremes of Alaska to the humidity of the Pacific Islands, the Lucas Mill has proven its claim to extreme durability, versatility and portability.

Today, although the company has grown significantly, these objectives are still fundamental to the company’s daily operations and ongoing development. In addition to providing equipment to small operators, Lucas Mill has also filled orders for large organisations such as the Australian Army and numerous not-for-profit groups overseas.

From the development of new products to the provision of exceptional customer service, Lucas Mill continuously strives to ‘Achieve Great Results’. This company mandate is not only a formula for success on Lucas Mill’s part, but also it exemplifies the level of opportunity that the company endeavours to provide to each and every one of its customers. With Lucas Mill, you too can ‘Achieve Great Results’.

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The team at Lucas Mill are committed to helping you choose the best portable sawmill to ensure that you ACHIEVE GREAT RESULTS. With our close knit team of experienced technical and sales staff, Lucas Mill can promise you exceptional service at every level. Why not take a moment now to acquaint yourself with our team and learn about how the Lucas Mill was developed and has become such a popular piece of machinery around the world.

The Lucas family established Lucas Mill Pty Ltd in March 1994. Commencing operations in a small farm shed, the business was started with the objective of earning a sufficient income to sustain the Lucas families.

With limited expectations, it came as a welcome surprise that orders for over 50 machines were placed in the first month of manufacturing ? a quantity the Lucas’ had thought might be their annual output. In the months to come, demand did not decline, but grew and has continued to grow at a sustainable rate over the past twelve years. In 2004, over 1000 machines were produced and sold both within Australia and across the world. To date over 11,000 machines have been sold into 100 countries around the world.

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