Magnetic equipment and tools

Supplier: AMF Magnetics
22 May, 2013

AMF Magnetics has been operating for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have nurtured with clients and suppliers.

We have a large range of magnetic lifters ranging from 100kg to 6000kg. Our Swarf Wands are a favourite with roofers, concreters and engineering businesses, as well as many other specialist businesses.

AMF Magnetics are able to supply magnetic separator bars, grates and plates for mining, manufacturing etc. where foreign metallic particles, tramp iron, needs removing.

We also supply affordable magnetic sweepers for removing nails, metal, etc, from trucking yards, warehouses, car parks and the like.

Magnetic lifters

MAGNETIC Lifters are a versatile, cost effective and convenient way of loading, unloading and moving steel plates, blocks or cylinders in a safe manner.  Ideal for lifting in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation or engineering workshops, AMF Magnetics Magnetic Lifters are light, ingeniously constructed for ease of application and have a 3:1 safety built into each unit.

Magnetic sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers are the best solution for quick, easy and safe cleaning of large areas for nails, swarf and other metal objects. For large car-park areas, you simply cannot go past the speed and efficiency of a magnetic sweeper for picking up objects that may puncture tyres etc.


AMF Magnetics has a small range of electromagnets which use DC power. When electricity flows through a conductor an electromagnet is created. The magnetic field goes around the conductor. Generally electromagnets are built by wrapping many coils of wire around a ferromagnetic core which is typically iron.

Magnarod – swarf cleaner

Magnarod is a must have tool when it comes to cleaning metal swarf or nuts and bolts from work benches or machinery. It is also perfectly suited for collecting tie-wire from 'reo'.

Magnetic chucks

AMF Magnetics Circular or Square chucks are an excellent work-holding jig, particularly when you are grinding, milling or cutting. With a removable handle, you can easily adjust the magnetic strength for fine movement or positioning of the article that you are holding.

Magnetic separators

Magnetic Separation equipment have been supplied to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries since the 1940s. Up to the 1990s, most magnetic separators contained ceramic-based magnets or ferrites.

Gauss meters

The MG-601 Gauss meter is a compact, light and easy to operate device which measures the magnetic flux density of individual magnets or magnetic systems.

The unit has an operating range of between 0 to 15000G or 0 to 1500mT, with the ability at the push of a button to switch between G or mT.

The probe is easily replaced and does not require recalibration


AMF Magnetics has just released a brand new magnetic product. Called the "SUPA DUPA STUD FINDER", the product is sure to become the tradesman's best friend. As the name suggests, Supa Dupa Stud Finder is an excellent, cost effective and efficient means of finding studs within walls.

Tool and knife holders

When you need to organise, hold or display tools or knives AMF's knife and tool holders are an ideal holding unit. Perfect for hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and much more. Ideal for use in garages, workshops, service stations, home, kitchen or office.