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Magnetite Australia

Magnetite Australia | Retrofit Double Glazing

Magnetite Australia

Magnetite retrofit double glazing can reduce noise by up to 70% through your existing windows and provide year round thermal comfort.

Magnetite secondary system attaches discreetly to the inside of a window reveal. The magnetic panels create an air tight seal which provides an acoustic and thermal barrier to the outside.

This means Magnetite suits a variety of window shapes and styles, even “out of square” windows.

Magnetite is discreet and blends in to the window which complements and retains the aesthetic of the existing window.

Established in 1998, Magnetite continues to deliver a solution for noise reduction and thermal insulation. Magnetite has been involved with noise and thermal insulation projects for residential, commercial, hospital, hotels, schools, office building, restaurant, heritage listed properties and government buildings across Australia.

Offering a range of products which includes window and door seals, retrofit double glazing, secondary aluminium windows and doors (Soundtite) as well as a series of solar control films (Solartite), we are able to solve a range of concerns and ensure our clients are receiving the best advice and products for their particular concerns.

Our commitment to excellence includes Green Star and ABSA accreditation, to enhance communication and help deliver the best solution for your concern of noise or thermal. We employ trained and licensed installers ensuring high quality, efficient installations. This attention to detail makes Magnetite, ideal partner in creating efficiency to the existing building.

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