Marine, Industrial and Mil-Spec High Performance Cable Glands & Fittings

Our marine, industrial and military-spec cable glands and fittings have the certifications that you need for demanding environments as found in rail, marine and military infrastructure and machinery.

When reliability in a harsh marine environment is paramount look no further than our range of high performance cable glands and accessories to provide fully certified, rugged cable protection for military and industrial applications. 

Our cable solutions can help combat the potential hazards of naval applications, resisting salt, moisture, harsh oils, fuels, and other solvents and maintaining reliable cable anchoring and protection under tough conditions of vibration and shock.

  • Cable Glands - Nickel Plated Brass + Silicone (HT) or Neoprene Inner. Also in high-temp polyamide, Multi cable. Large clamping capacity. Stainless Steel with polyamide inner, nitrile rubber sealing ring. Explosion proof.
  • Fibre Washer - resists ozone, UV and tearing.
  • Lock Nuts - Auto extinguishable. High Temp (up to 960°C). Edges for cutting lacquer or powder coatings.
  • Reducers - reduce the thread size 
  • Adaptors - Adapt a thread from PG to metric or vice versa.
  • Threaded Caps - fibreglass reinforced polyamide. Explosion proof brass. 
  • Multi-cable Sealing Rings and Reducers - perfectly seal a cable gland with multiple cables or small diameter cables. 


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