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Melbourne Machinery

Melbourne Machinery | Electric Motors, Gears motors, Gearmotor

Melbourne Machinery

Melbourne Machinery supplies of electrical machines and gear motors carrying a large range of inline gear motors, right angle gear motors, reduction gear motors & electric motors. The heavy duty inline gear motors provided by Melbourne Machinery are based on European dimensions and ISO9002 standards and are made with the help of precision machine hardened helical gears. Inline gear motors are very compatible and can replace similar dimension machines without re-drilling foot prints or bore out sprockets.
The right angle gear motors supplied by Melbourne Machinery are 240 volt, three phase motors which deliver output from 0.18kw 1/2Hp to 3kw 4Hp and their speed varies from 14 to 150RPM. Right angle gear motors supplied by Melbourne Machinery are supplied with hollow or solid shaft configurations and NSK bearings.
Melbourne Machinery also supplies standard MEPS high efficiency electric motors which are three phase motors. Electric motors supplied by Melbourne Machinery provide high efficiency and excellent electrical characteristics with robust strength of cast iron.
Melbourne Machinery also provides huge range of fully reconditioned reduction gear motors. Some of the brands provided by Melbourne Machinery include Radicon, David Brown, Maxom, Sorenndale, C & J Morse, Borge Warner BW and SEW.

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