Melfoam Acoustics' Acoustic Foam

Supplier: Melfoam Acoustics
21 October, 2013

The Melfoam Acoustic Ceiling Panels are made from sound absorbing melamine foam that is very effective at absorbing sound energy in the mid to high frequency range.

Mid to high frequency is defined as sound energy that is above 500 Hz. The sound absorption curves to the left shows that when the thickness of the acoustic ceiling panels is 40mm or greater, then it will absorb between 70 to 80 per cent of all the noise in a room that lies in the mid frequency range of 500Hz and above. 

Above 2,000 Hz the acoustic ceilings will absorb more than 90 per cent of the sound energy that is being reflected around a room. Humans can hear sounds in the frequencies range of between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Most people cannot hear sounds above 20,000 Hz.

Also as a person gets older they lose the ability to hear higher frequencies. The human ear is most sensitive to frequencies between 1,000-3,500 Hz. So it is very important that acoustic ceilings have the ability to effectively absorb sounds that are above 1,000 Hz.

The Melfoam acoustic ceiling panels are excellent sound absorbers above 500Hz and as a result are excellent at making rooms quiet and eliminating echoes.

We recently received a phone call from the Longplay bar and restaurant located in Fitzroy in the inner suburbs in Melbourne. The cafe has an extremely warm and intimate feeling to it. The problem is the main room is always busy and when the music kicks in the room simply becomes too noisy as a result of sounds being reflected of the hard surfaces.

The owners asked us to install an acoustic ceiling so as to stop these sound reflections. It was decided install a number of acoustic ceiling panels. A ceiling treatment of 30 per cent was carried out.

After the acoustic ceiling panels were fitted, both customers and staff commented on the amazing transformation.  The room acoustics are now greatly improved and people can now hear the conversations being spoken to them while enjoying the music playing in the background.