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Mitrefinch Australia

Mitrefinch specialise in the development of intelligent employee management solutions, including time and attendance, employee self service, workforce analytics, access control, job costing, human resource management, and performance management.

As well as manufacturing a range of clocking terminals, including biometric fingerscan, proximity and ID swipe cards, Mitrefinch also offer mobile time and attendance (mobileTMS) and PC Clocking applications for remote and office based staff, which can be accessed via iPhone, Smart Phone, or over the web.

Since 1979, Mitrefinch have been helping organisations achieve improved payroll accuracy, reduced payroll costs, more efficient payroll administration, and superior planning and control of employee schedules and jobs. Today, with almost 4,000 clients globally, across a broad range of industry sectors, Mitrefinch fully understand today's HR and worforce management challenges.

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In today's business environment, workforce management has become increasingly complex, from managing absenteeism, flexible working, and entitlements, to addressing poor performance, and ensuring accurate payroll processing.

As such, Workforce Management systems are now widely regarded as a key management tool, helping businesses like yours utilise your employee’s working time more effectively.

One of the biggest benefits of introducing a Workforce Management system is the automation of time and attendance data collection. Employees can clock in/out and assign their time to specific jobs via physical wall mounted terminals or biometric scanners, web browsers on desktop computers or laptops, and smart phones. This ensures that your supervisors, HR and payroll personnel have easy access to up to the minute, time and attendance information as they need it.

Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to transform this data into a valuable corporate asset, enabling you to forcast with greater accuracy and ensure you have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time.

Automate payroll processing by eliminating the need for manual timesheet data entry and the calculation of hours worked. A direct import to your payroll application further reduces payroll administration time and removes the potential for costly payroll errors and miscalculations.

Whatever your position in the organisation, accurate employee time and attendance information matters.

At Mitrefinch we focus entirely on intelligent workforce management solutions. It’s all we do. We exist to make your world just that bit more productive.

For the past 30 years we have been taking the stress out of staff management for close to 4,000 organisations worldwide, helping them reduce costs and absenteeism rates, increase productivity, and gain greater insight into employee attendance trends.

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