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MSSA Interweld

MSSA Interweld | Metal Spray & Specialist Welding Equipment

MSSA Interweld

Metal Spray Supplies and MSSA Interweld are Australian based manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and consumables to the thermal spray, metal spray and specialised welding industries worldwide.

We offer over 75 years of combined experience with the highest quality products and technical advice to the worldwide market. No matter what your requirement is Metal Spray Supplies and MSSA Interweld have the ability to supply upon demand goods to meet the exacting needs and requirements of its customers worldwide.

Specialists in metallisation, we offer expert technical advice and assistance on spraying metal, spray coatings and thermal spray technology. We can provide expert technical advice on metallising and specialist welding including cast iron welding.

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We distribute quality metalspray, thermalspray equipment and consumables including thermalspray coatings, barrier coatings, spray welding (weld spray), hard facing, hard surfacing, cored wires, thermalspray wires, Stellite™, Deloro™, Tribaloy™, Nistelle™, Stelcar™, Jet Kote®, Delcrome™ products, hot zinc spray, metalspray wires, silver solder, brazing powders, dissimilar metals and super alloys.

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