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MultipliCD (old) | CD & DVD Duplication Services

MultipliCD (old)

MultipliCD is a CD and DVD service bureau that provides an efficient and cost effective service for all your CD and DVD needs including multimedia authoring and printing, no matter where you are in the world.

-- CD Duplication
-- CD Replication
-- DVD Duplication
-- DVD Replication
-- All CD & DVD Printing
-- Multimedia
-- Design
-- Mini CDs
-- Business Cards CDs
-- DVD Authoring
-- Packaging & Printing

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We understand that CD and DVD projects are not an everyday undertaking for most businesses, at MultipliCD however we live and breathe these projects. For many years have been delivering CD and DVD replication runs to clients who require help, assistance and advice through the process.

CD and DVD projects range in both complexity and scale, there are often many options, decisions and choices that need to be made. If you have decided to put a CD or DVD together you may not be aware of all the options available to you, such as:

-- The vast array of CD and DVD case types
-- Types of printing available and
-- What type of production is best suited to your job.
-- Choices regarding content development, design and distribution also need to be considered.

So if you have questions about the choices available, just contact us so we can guide you taking into account according to your budgetary and delivery requirements.

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