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Netfira | Connecting Buyers and Sellers in Real-Time


Netfira provides a simple and affordable way to integrate seller and buyer accounting/inventory systems in real-time using Netfira WebConnect, Netfira Webstore and Netfira Commerce.

Using Netfira WebConnect, sellers can link their existing e-commerce website to their back-end accounting system for real-time pricing, availability and ordering. Alternatively, Netfira Webstore allows sellers to set up a customisable e-commerce website in minutes, which is connected to their accounting system.

Netfira Commerce has two integrated modules - Seller and Buyer - which connect with the accounting/ERP systems of sellers and buyers to transform the traditional buying and selling process into secure two-way, real-time electronic commerce. Netfira Commerce eliminates phone, fax and email transactions and allows buyers direct access to each seller's inventory for secure, real-time price checking, availability and ordering - resulting in immediate real-world savings.

Netfira WebConnect, Webstore and Commerce:

    • are FREE for Buyers, and sellers only pay a transaction-based fee of $1.50 per order received

    • enable real-time connections between different accounting/ERP systems including Attache, EXO, MYOB, Ostendo, QuickBooks, Sage Accpac, Sage Pastel and SAP

“Netfira has developed a world’s first innovation that allows electronic trading between any number of businesses”
Simon Sharwood, My Business Magazine, February 2009

“ Netfira Commerce streamlined our ordering process, resulting in lower costs for us
while giving our dealers 24/7 access to the current prices and availability of our inventory.”

Kerrie Dease, Electrolux Home Products, National Marketing Manager

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Why is it that ten years after the first e-commerce technology boom, most small businesses are still using phone, fax and email to determine price and availability and execute transactions with other businesses? Quite simply, it is because an e-commerce alternative needs to be easier to use and more cost effective than existing methods.

Traditional B-to-B hubs and e-commerce websites have not proved efficient for buyers or sellers as they continue to use email, phone and fax to exchange information on product and to process orders.

The Netfira solution offers real-time, simple and affordable electronic trading in a secure and easy-to-use environment that connects to the majority of accounting/ERP system that buyers and sellers use.

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