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No Dig Equipment

No Dig Equipment has been providing trenchless solutions for over 20 years. So if you need sound advice on a trenchless solution, be it Vacuum Excavation, horizontal directional drilling, or pipe bursting, ask us for the right tools to do the job. Trenchless construction methods such as Microtunnelling or Horizontal Directional Drilling, can provide extremely cost effective solutions for pipe installation when compared with conventional open trenching methods, especially when working in built up areas.

No Dig Equipment is a specialist supplier and manufacturer of Trenchless Technology equipment, Vaccuum Excavators, Back Reamers, HDD Tools, Microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mud Recycling System, Moling, and Pipe Bursting equipment. Our product range includes equipment and tooling.

Trenchless technology is a specialised industry primarily used for the installation or repair of pipes underground. As the name implies, trenchless technology involves construction techniques using trenchless installations, which means installation without trenches or the need for excavation. Trenchless technology is generally used to minimize environmental damage and to reduce the costs associated with underground construction.

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The Trenchless Technology Specialists. Specialising in Horizontal Directional Drilling and Vacuum Excavators

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