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NV1509 'Yellow Brick' One-Touch Noise Complaint Recorder

Supplier: Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems

The 'Yellow Brick' was designed to assist local governments and noise sensitive industries with their community noise complaint handling, providing key advantages to both the complainant and the authority.

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These include:

  • Simplicity of deployment ("When you hear the noise press this button")
  • Integrity of data (Client cannot open box and tamper with SLM)
  • Empowerment for complainant (Recording the actual noise event)
  • Quality of retrieved information.

The system is essentially based around a Brüel & Kjær 2250 SLM running Logging or Enhanced Logging software. An option within the software includes deciding if and when an audio recording is to take place (digital audio recording has replaced the need for DAT Digital Audio Tape recorders). We select the 'external trigger' button which effectively allows a complainant to start and stop sound recording.

The result for the operator is that they will have a detailed log of all noise occurring at the premises over the day or days of activity, and can listen directly to the noise of interest instead of having to listen to hours upon hours of conventional audio recordings.