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Pallet Dispensers

Supplier: Australis Engineering

Pallet Dispensers provide storage and easy retrieval of empty pallets and are ideal for operations that use a large number of empty pallets as they free up space and reduce forklift movements.

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Pallet Dispenser

A Pallet Destacker or Pallet Stacker (also called a Pallet Dispenser or Pallet Magazine) is used in a pallet handling system for the accumulation or dispensing of empty pallets onto or from your conveyor line or as a stand alone unit. A Pallet Dispenser is ideal in factory oeprations that utilise a large volume of empty pallets as it decreases forklift movements (and hence increases safety), helps reduce the footprint of your empty pallets by keeping them in one spot, and generally, will help increase your production throughput as your pallet handling system is not idle, waiting for a forklift operator to deliver empty pallets - in essence allowing your production line to become more automated.

Pallet Stacking or Pallet De-stacking

Australis pallet dispenser's can be designed for use with either pallet roller conveyors or pallet chain conveyors. There are 2 variations of pallet dispensers that can be used on a production line to accumulate or distribute pallets.

  • Pallet Stacker - Accepts individual pallets from an in feed conveyor after depalletising. It will stack the pallets for removal by a fork lift or Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • A Pallet De-stacker works in reverse. A full stack of pallets is brought to the destacker by a fork lift or AGV and the machine releases a single pallet at a time via a pallet conveyor. This is generally used in palletising areas where the destacker will feed empty pallets to an automatic palletiser or palletising robot.
  • They can be used as free-standing units for stacking or destacking pallets during manual handling or hand palletising. They can also be placed over a conveyor line and incorporated into online operations
  • Suitable for multiple pallet orientations and system configurations

Pallet Dispenser Options

We make to order here in Australia, so we can also offer a range of pallet dispenser options. Our machines can be configured for Standard Australian or Euro Pallets or specialist pallet sizes. We also offer a range of other options to help you customise a pallet dispenser to match your requirements.

More Information

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