Pallet Protection - What are you missing?

Is pallet wrap enough or do I need more to stabilise my pallet?

Do you find that despite your best efforts, sometimes your pallet load of goods is unstable and potentially dangerous? Or do you find sometimes the pallet wrap squishes the goods within? What products are out there to help with these issues?

Problem: Pallet Wrap squishes the pallet load of goods.
In this situation you may have a lightweight box that has little strength to hold up against the pressure required to securely wrap a pallet – and so the externally packed boxes collapse – resulting in an unsecured and loosely wrapped pallet.
In this situation, not only do you damage the goods you are trying to secure, but you’re also creating a dangerous load that could topple.

Answer: Try Pallet Corners / Angle Boards / Cardboard Edge Protectors
They’re all the same, just known under different names. Angle boards are a thick moulded cardboard angle that fits on the corners of the pallet load. The result is the pressure of the pallet wrap is even distributed across the angle board and stops boxes from collapsing, resulting in a more stable pallet.

Problem: Slipping of cartons

Sometimes you may have a perfectly shaped, strong box that is stacked in perfect alignment. But just due to movement during transport, the weight of the pallet load moving can cause the boxes to slip resulting in an unstable and subsequently dangerous load.

Answer: try using Grip Sheets
Grip sheets are a non-slip paper insert that come in either kraft paper or clear polyester, that are inserted between layers of boxes or product. Grip Sheets create friction between each layer thereby resulting in less likelihood of slippage, and therefore a more stable pallet.

Problem: Odd shaped pallet load that is hard to wrap securely

Sometimes you’re sending a pallet load of mixed items, of different shapes and sizes. This can make wrapping the pallet securely very difficult as not all items can be wrapped down properly.

Answer: Try a Pallet Shrink Bag/ Pallet Bag 
Pallet Bags are ideal for odd-shaped pallet loads as the gusseted bag, which comes in a range of sizes, has been designed to fit over a pallet. Then using a Gas Heat Gun, apply the heat and the pallet bag shrinks to fit securely and snugly over all the goods – thereby securing it. As an addition you could also strap the items to the pallet under the pallet bag using a zapak hand battery powered strapping tool and poly strapping.

Problem: I need some additional protection to keep the pallet load together

Sometimes all the above just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. What then?

Answer: Pallet Strapping Machine
You can do this by hand using hand strapping tools, or you an make it easier by using a pallet strapping machine. Your pallet load may be particularly heavy or high so prior to wrapping your pallet with pallet wrap you can secure it together with strapping to secure your pallet just a little more.

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