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Phocas Software

Phocas Software | Business Intelligence Software & Data Discovery

Phocas Software

Phocas Software is a leading business intelligence software firm created by Myles Glashier and Paul Magee in 1999.

Phocas has built its model on exceeding customer expectations. We help our customers make data driven business decisions, uncover new sales opportunities and improve business efficiency by offering an integrated data solution.

Whether you are an IT Manager who would like to spend less time performing reports, a Finance professional looking for a quicker way to drill down on a P&L analysis or a Sales Manager in search of new business opportunities, Phocas Software's skilled Developers, Account Managers and Customer Support team will take the pain out of your data management.

Satisfying our customers' needs by offering an innovative data discovery solution is in our foundation. We've operated on a subscription basis from the start and in the words of our chairman and co-founder Paul Magee: "That puts the onus on us to perform".

Globally, Phocas has over 1,000 customers and more than 150 employees working in three continents. Across the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, we have a 98% retention rate of customers and just a 3% staff attrition rate.

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