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Piezoelectric Force Washers - PACEline CFW

Supplier: HBM Australia

Piezoelectric force washers with innovative design

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The CFW piezoelectric force washers - the latest member of HBM's PACEline family - ensures reliable results in assembly and testing. Thanks to their compact design CFW force washers can be used in many different applications.  They can be installed in both the force flow as well as the force shunt.

PACEline CFW is a very reliable sensor ensuring reliable test results even in adverse industrial environments. CFW is the first piezoelectric force washer that, irrespective of its small size, provides an efficient plug protection - an important prerequisite for smooth long-term use.

PACEline CFW piezoelectric force washers not only provide safety and reliability. Their innovative design makes sure that you can trust in your production monitoring data with three time higher reliability.

  • Enhanced linearity compared to conventional force washers - thanks to the special measuring body design with split diaphragm
  • Perfect test results even if forces are not applied centrically
  • Automatic centering of the sensor through its external and internal diameter without producing any hysteresis errors.

PACEline CFW is presently available with nominal (rated) forces of 50 kN and 140 kN. Since the output signal is not dependent on the measuring range but on the force applied, CFW force sensors withstand very high overloads (independent of their nominal (rated) force). Hence, CFW allows for over-dimensioning without loss of accuracy and resolution.

CFW sensors are used in combination with CMA charge amplifiers to provide the PACEline piezoelectric force measurement chain:

Special features:

  • Symmetrical design for higher stability
  • Nominal (rated) forces: 50 kN and 140 kN
  • High cut-off frequency
  • Robust charge cable connector