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Portescap now in Australia

Supplier: M Rutty & Co
11 January, 2008

M. Rutty is delighted to announce its release of the Portescap Motor range, which will exceed your miniature motor requirements with unparalleled breadth.

Portescap products have been solving diverse motion control needs in medical, semiconductor, HVAC, aerospace and commercial applications for more than 70 years, and are used successfully around the world in thousands of applications from medical devices to scientific instruments to factory automation equipment.

Portescap's Brushless DC Motors have been designed for maximum efficiency, speed control and world renowned for their high efficiency, quiet operation and longevity.  Combined with excellent speed stability, low power consumption and low EMI and RFI, these motors will positively fulfil your miniature motor requirements.


D.C. Motors -The Ironless Rotor Motor Technology, a state-of-the-art motor line the escap® D.C. motor results from an original concept based on an ironless rotor, combined with a commutation system using either precious metals or a carbon

/copper combination.


Turbo Disc™ -  this line of disc magnet stepper motors are unequalled by any other kind of stepper motor. Their advanced technology, developed and patented by Portescap, allows for truly exceptional dynamic performance.


The rotor of these motors consists of a rare earth magnet having the shape of a thin disc wich is axially magnetized. A particular magnetization method allows for a high number of magnetic poles, giving much smaller step angles than conventional two-phase permanent magnet stepper motors.


The Portescap’s Encoders provide controlled precision movement when paired with specialty motors. Giving tachogenerators and a combination of motor-tacho units. Magnetic encoders Integrated into or adapted onto specialty motors are also available.


Compact designed Portescap Gearheads with torque range of 10.4 mNm to 9534 mNm, reduction ratio of 5:1 to 49:1 and ratios going up to 3280:1. Magnetic encoders Integrated Into or adapted onto specialty motors are available.


The Portescap Digital Linear Actuators - frame sizes range from 20mm to 57mm. Linear travel per step: 0.0127mm to 0.1016mm. Output force up to 111.2 N (25 lbf.). Eliminates coupling necessary to translate rotary to linear motion.