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Proxyvolt Pty Ltd has been developing high voltage proximity warning systems for over 6 years. The chief electrical engineer has been in the electronics industry for 49 years.

We have a combined experience in the electronic industry of over 100 years selling, designing and distributing electronic products throughout Australia and other countries.

Proxyvolt was born from a simple request from a client. There requirement was to protect his equipment and staff from coming into contact with high voltage power lines.

After 2 years of R&D the first Proxyvolt unit was manufactured (PV5000).

This unit had basic operation but unmatched performance in sensitivity, adjustment and interference rejection.

The original receiver and amplification stage is still used in the current model PV5007. The only test was manually operated when the unit was first powered up.

After extensive testing in numerous industries, and feedback from end users, Proxyvolt decided to start R&D on the PV500R.

The main aim of this model was to allow for easier mounting and including a continuous automatic antenna testing circuit

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In 2005 Proxyvolt Pty Ltd embarked on a 2 year R&D journey to develop a innovative, fully featured and unmatched in performance high voltage proximity detection warning system.

We had criteria set from years of R&D and client feedback. These were our goals to achieve.Triple redundancy fail safe’s,Fully automatic testing of antenna, receiver and stand alone system test,International Din mount chassis,Flush and bracket mounting,Robust and quality construction,Solid state relay output on alarm,
Dual potentiometers for more accurate adjustment,Hi/Low gain switch allowing more flexibility in any application, Auxiliary input for disabling audible alarm for tippers,User friendly operation and more

The PV5007 has all of these features and more.

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