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PVC Swing Doors - Heavy Duty

Supplier: Austcold Industries Pty Ltd

These Doors are ideal for all Industrial and Commercial applications including Factories, Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Cold Storage and Hospitals, etc. Suitable for Fork-Lifts and Pallet Trolleys

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They keep out draughts, dust, pests and continue to provide outstanding results in new applications using their safety, hygiene, temperature and acoustic isolation properties. With the quality steel frame construction together with tough resilient PVC these doors are designed to obtain the maximum quality, life and customer satisfaction possible.
Almost noiseless in operation these Flexible PVC Doors can be opened with a light push of the hand or trolley and as a standard feature will automatically close after entry. Being completely clear they give an unrestricted view of oncoming traffic providing safety.
(Optional) When required these unique plastic doors will remain open in the 90° position for rapid bulk loading convenience.
All doors have the torsion mechanism (adjustable) located at the top of the door therefore the top corners of the door jamb is where the tension is applied.
Our Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Swing Doors have a lower hinge located approximately 450mm from the floor, secured in to the vertical of the door jamb they require a 6mm thick steel mounting plate for the Hex Head Bolts to secure into.
The Floor Mounted doors do not have the lower hinge secured into the vertical door jamb as the floor mounted PVC door can be secured with 2x 12mm dynobolts or coach screws. This allows the doors to be installed with a top mounting bracket only.
Frames are constructed of welded seamless drawn steel and then generously painted for long life protection. The tension system is located in the top of the door frame and consists of a rolling piece and prism loaded with tension. This tension system is adjustable by turning an 11mm hex bolt using a tensioning tool.
Standard finish is Hammer Tone Grey enamel paint, which is suitable for most applications.
(Optional) Cold Galvanizing is available for applications in Cold Rooms or other wet environments.
(Optional) Powder coating provides a smooth finish and is available in a variety of colours for applications which require colour matching.
PVC Panels
PVC Door Panels can be opaque up to a specified height from the floor. This distorts the transparency of the PVC for areas that require some privacy such as medical centres.
PVC Panels for doors supplied by Austcold Industries are 5mm (medium duty) or 7mm (heavy duty) in thickness. Additional PVC support strips are supplied on medium duty and heavy duty doors for additional PVC panel strength.
(Optional) Bumper Strips are also available up to a specified height, these are additional sheets of PVC glued to the PVC door panel for increased strength where the doors will be subjected to heavy impact. Top reinforcing is standard on all Heavy Duty doors and is also supplied on some medium duty doors due to their size.
Door Jamb Requirements
As these doors are self closing door jambs must provide a strong structure. Door jambs that do not provide sufficient structure will require either Mounting Plates (90mm x 6mm steel flat bar), Gantry Frame (100 x 100mm x 6mm steel angle) or RHS Box Sub-frame surrounding the door jam. Austcold Industries can provide these together with the doors.
Doors are packaged with a custom made wooden crate for forklift handling and protection.
Lead Time
As doors are manufactured to order we advise that doors are ordered four weeks or more prior to their required date.
All purchase orders must be received by fax, email or mail before any goods will be manufactured.
Austcold Industries can arrange installation for many locations around Australia. However these PVC Doors are commonly installed by builders and maintenance staff using the installation instructions provided.
Replacement PVC Panels
We can supply replacement PVC panels for a variety of plastic swing doors. Please provide us with the clear opening measurement that the doors are installed to and we will recalculate the PVC panel size for doors supplied by Austcold Industries. Please also provide the thickness of the panels either 5mm or 7mm.

Click here to download the PVC Swing Door Specifications (.pdf).