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Queensland Gaskets

Queensland Gaskets is a wholly Australian; family owned and operated manufacturing business situated in the Salisbury industrial area of Brisbane Australia. Using up to date machinery, a complete range of soft cut gaskets for the Australian industrial market is manufactured from a wide range of gasket materials for an equally wide range of industries.

Our gaskets are used by sugar mills, hospitals, mining, ship building, alumina plants, railways, truck assembly plants, sewerage plants, pipeline constructions, water supply, foundries, breweries, food processing plants, fire prevention, refrigeration, sand mining and dredging, electricity generation and many other applications.

Queenland Gaskets operates an in-house quality management system to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We strive to enhance customer satisfaction in everything that we do. Our quality management system has been rigorously reviewed and tested since 1953, and we are aiming to achieve formal accredited certification to ISO 9001.

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Queensland Gaskets is a company which manufactures gaskets and supplies gland packing and other products for a wide range of sealing applications. It is our intention to supply only those products which are reliable and which we are confident will result in absolute customer satisfaction.

The company has an overall commitment to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. This commitment is backed by our in-house quality management system. Our team is committed to ensuring that the quality of the goods and services we deliver are maintained to the highest standards.

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