Racking, shelving system used for automotive warehouse

Supplier: BAC Systems
29 October, 2013

In a modern warehouse or parts store, it is common that you are never restricted to just shelving or just pallet racking alone.

Usually this means that you will end up sourcing a pallet racking system and a shelving, system, however, the new BAC 77 Series challenges this notion by incorporating both shelving and racking into the same system, and including the ability to add drawers to increase storage density.

The new BAC 77 Series is a modular storage concept, combining different storage devices, such as pallet racking, shelving and horizontal and vertical drawers into a single system.

Recently, the new Noble Toyota facility at Revesby, south-west of Sydney had its parts store equipped with BAC 77 Series racking and shelving system. The store was to located in a pre-existing warehouse containing a mezzanine storage level.

BAC Technical representatives made a visit to both the old and new sites, completing a complimentary site survey that involved counting all existing stock items and allotting correct compartment sizes that minimised wasted space while still allowing for adequate growth.

The resulting system, recently installed and commissioned, combines thousands of line items including panel and bumpers, both of which are notoriously difficult to store safely due to their bulk.

BAC 77 Series racking and long span shelving were used heavily in the final solution, offering deep shelving solutions that are not possible with a generic shelving system. BAC also integrated a special suspension rail system for long item storage, stowing such items as light bumpers and matting, made access to these easy.

To compliment the shelving systems, BAC High Density Drawer Modules were also utilised for small-items storage.

Widely recognised as a benchmark for drawer storage throughout Australiasia, BAC Drawers were supplied with partitioning specifically suited to the range held by Noble Toyota. This significantly reduced the storage footprint that would otherwise have been required were bins on shelves used.

To learn more about the new BAC 77 Series, or to arrange your complimentary site survey, please contact the BAC Technical Sales Team on 02 9832 2777, or visit BAC's website – www.bacsystems.com.au.