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RCD Tester - Perth RCD Testing Services

Supplier: Tic Tag Systems

RCD Tester - Perth RCD Testing Services, Residual Current Device (Safety Switch) Testing AS/NZS3190:2002

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RCD Tester - Perth RCD Testing Services

RCD (Safety Switch) Testing is a potential life saver. Tic Tag Systems takes RCD Testing to its logical conclusion and are able to ensure that employer’s obligations are fully met and in addition giving peace of mind to all staff. RCD (Safety Switch) Testing is a regular requirement under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, and is carried out by Tic Tag Systems fully licensed technicians.

All manufacturers of RCD’s highly recommend regular testing with intervals ranging from weekly to monthly.
The standard RCD test only involves testing to see if the manual trip button works or not. Tic Tag Systems provide a higher level of RCD Testing with our Multi Function Testers simulating multiple earth leakage currents and ensuring compliance to Table 3 of Australian Standard AS/NZS3190:2002. All tests (1× 2x 5x Rated Trip Current) are passed or failed by our Multi Function Testers and test results are automatically logged to the tester.

Many electricians would not be aware of how many milliseconds are acceptable for an RCD to trip under the Australian Standard AS/NZS3190:2002, our Multi Function Testers automatically manage all results and record the results on an electronic database where reports can be generated, viewed and printed as required. This saves a considerable amount of time and cost when the next site visits are carried out since the previous information is easily accessible.