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Remax Products

Remax Products | Doors & Screens for Energy & Hygiene Control

Remax Products

The range of traffic doors and barrier systems developed and manufactured by Remax, fulfills a vision to become the most trusted source of doorway and access solutions in the market today. In keeping with this vision, the real VALUE of our Doors and Barriers is the money saved during the operational LIFE of these products. Remax doors are renowned Australia-wide for lowest total cost of ownership, through reliability and impact resistance.

Our product range stretches from static screening systems such as our Flexwall product, through to highly automated high speed roller doors such as our Movidor range. We're proud to design and manufacture the entire range right here in Australia, providing industry leading quality and reliability -while supporting Australian manufacturing jobs. A hallmark of our obsession with reliability is that we test and monitor every component for performance and effectiveness. We know what lasts in real-life industrial and commercial environments - and what doesn’t.

Remax consider time and budget constraints of maintenance departments, and are committed to providing doors and screens that will offer years of trouble - free operation in even the harshest environment. That's why extended warranty and ongoing support is not just an option on our products - it's a standard.

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While we have a range of traffic doors and screens that will suit most applications, we’re not afraid to go back to the drawing board, and design a system that is unique and bespoke to your needs. In fact, with almost every installation differing in size and specification, we have become leaders in the field of providing custom engineered solutions for doorway and industrial environment control.

REMAX are recognized and trusted for providing prompt, personalized service, and are committed to honesty and integrity throughout our consultation and communication with clients.

Our commitment to service begins with your initial enquiry, and is paramount throughout all stages of design, solution, installation, and subsequent inspections of commissioned doors and screens.

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