We get asked quite a lot if hiring a forklift is better than purchasing one straight out. In reality the choice to either hire a forklift or purchase one depends entirely on the conditions of your business.

Renting a forklift offers much more flexibility to your business. You can have a lot more wiggle room in terms of the type of model you hire, the hire term, and the maintenance packages. It is also a great way to reduce operational costs, keep a closer eye on monthly expenditures and scale your business up for busy periods/seasons.

3 Benefits to Renting a Forklift for Your Business:

Rent a Forklift for Scalability

Choosing to hire offers your business a greater deal of flexibility to increase or decrease the number of forklifts you have at any time as your needs change. Some businesses experience change in demand due to different seasons which impact their requirements, for example during Christmas or Easter. During these times it may benefit you to upscale by hiring an extra forklift to cope with demand. You might also need to upscale short term to lift one or two heavy items laying around your business.

Rent a Forklift for Financial Predictability

Managing a business comes with varying complications and businessowners are usually always trying to review their budgets to cut costs. Choosing to hire a forklift can be seen as a small monthly investment at a fixed term, therefore reducing operational costs.

Even if you need to rent a forklift for an extended period of time, your money won’t be tied down. This gives you a greater level of financial maneuverability for your business and the chance to upscale no matter what the current economic conditions are.

Rent a Forklift for Operational Efficiency

In Australia, all rental forklifts must comply with Australian standards, health, and safety legislation. The rental fleet at Allied Forklifts are generally late model and less than 2 years old. This means you will be using the latest technology with the most up to date features, helping your staff to complete tasks more efficiently.

Forklift hire provides a fixed cost which provides peace of mind but also simplifies and improves your budgeting.

Minimising maintenance and repair costs are also a long term benefit of forklift hire.

Rent a Forklift for an Affordable Solution for Your Business

When renting a forklift, make sure to speak to our hire team to get the forklift that meets your exact requirements and inspect the forklift’s current condition before taking it.

Allied Forklifts is a WA owned, local family operated business that offers new and used forklifts for sale and hire. We have dealt with thousands of Australian businesses and have been providing material handling solutions for over 25 years. 

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