Repairing flood damaged roads: A smart new direction

Flood recovery works are underway as road crews repair widespread damage caused by heavy rain in 2016. But for some innovative councils, it's not business as usual as they embrace a new strategy.

Whilst re-sheeting is often considered the easiest way to rebuild flood damaged roads and pavements, in truth it is only the most familiar. Crews are used to rejecting in-situ material as unsuitable. They are used to trucking in imported material. They are used to maintaining unsealed roads only to see those roads drenched and damaged again and again in repeated rain events.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid enables crews to use the material that is already in the road, table drains or road shoulders to make a stronger pavement, rather than transporting new materials to site for re-sheeting, as has been done in the past. 

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PolyCom is not only a simple and cost-effective alternative to re-sheeting for flood repair. When PolyCom is mixed into road material and compacted, the finished road pavement is stronger and longer lasting. It resists traffic and water damage into the future.

PolyCom is so effective that it will pay for itself by reducing the amount of new gravel required, with most roads needing 4 to 6 times less maintenance grading or attention after being treated.

Works Supervisors find that PolyCom can be added to the maintenance method and schedule they have been familiar with, without disruption. Crews become used to using in-situ material to repair flood damaged roads. They become used to recycling road material rather than importing material. Crews become used to maintaining roads with PolyCom.

PolyCom can repair and rebuild a road more easily and cost-effectively than the methods used in the past. Efficiency is improved by way of better time management, lower plant and labour requirements, as well as a lower carbon footprint, make PolyCom Stabilising Aid a compelling solution.


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