Smart Injection Molding Solution

Smart Machine

Applying additional sensors to monitor and meet the sight fluctuations caused by the environment, material, or machine abrasion, and to improve the adaptive control of injection molding machines

  • Tie bar clamping force monitoring system
  • Intelligent flow balance system
  • Adaptive control for viscosity variation of melt
  • Mold cooling flow and temperature monitoring system
  • Smart Auxiliary

The IMM and auxiliaries could operate, communicate with each other through the standard communication protocol, to be adjusted and controlled.

  • Robot system
  • Material feeding
  • Heaters
  • Chillers
  • Hot runner
  • Smart Manufacturing

Distinguish good or bad
Improve rate of production
Improve Effectiveness
Real-time online quality monitoring through the sensors of viscosity variation of melt, or cavity pressure, and detecting the defectives with automations, to effectively reduce the inspection manpower.

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