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Restaurant and Bar Hygiene

Supplier: Jaymak Australia

Restaurant and Bar Hygiene prevents bar flies which are generallly attracted to sugary substances, as well as sticky and moist areas. The most common occurrence of this behind or under the bar is around the beer taps, drains, beer systems and their associated pythons, on soft drink syrups and on sweet fruity liqueurs such as Midori, Cointreau, and Vermouth.

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Restaurant and Bar Hygiene

The bane of any hotel owner or club manager with a sense of pride in their workplace is walking into the bar area before the commencement of trade and disturbing a cloud of bar flies thanks to infestation. Every bar deals with them to varying degrees.

Poor sanitation provides ideal conditions for fly abundance and they breed quickly thus causing major infestation in short periods, especially in the summer months. The fly larvae feed on the yeasts, bacteria, moulds and fungi often found on and around chillplates and associated beer pythons if these areas are not properly cleaned and treated.

Often it is not only the large amount of fermenting liquids that are available for fly breeding but also there are structural problems as well. Unfinished wood, sheetrock and masonite is often used in the construction of bars. These building materials rest directly on the floor and continually absorb the spilled liquids and become completely saturated with a combination of water from the hosing down by cleaners, spilt beer and soft drinks.

As these materials delaminate and begin falling apart, the flies begin using this as another egg-laying site. Improved sanitation behind and around the bar is essential to the success of your bar hygiene program.

The first priority in any pest control program is the removal of the larval breeding sites. As part of the Jaymak service, we can provide a full treatment of all bar areas that include:

Removal of dirt and debris that is acting as a food source for flies and other pests (cockroaches, rodents, etc.) The area is cleaned and washed down with JayKlean – a specifically designed surface cleaner that is a biodegradable product and meets TGA requirements as a hospital grade disinfectant.

All cleaned areas are then treated with Jaymak's food safe D-Mould sanitiser  a solution of natural oils to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth.

Any damaged and leaks in your beer systems or damage to the bar construction will also be reported to management.

Follow-up treatments of the areas on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cycle can be programmed into a venues cleaning schedule to ensure the area is properly managed and maintained.