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Ronco Pty Ltd is a crane and lifting equipment repair and maintenance facility delivering a wide range of services and capabilities to the Crane industry.

Whilst a great deal of our time and effort is directed towards service and repair we are also involved in lifting research and development.

We have invested in a highly-skilled workforce and a modern service facility that enables us to take on the bigger jobs including major rebuilds, painting, and finishing.

Our efforts are characterised by the smart application of technology and skilled labour, which are substantial. RONCO received an Australian Design Award for the development of the R-6000 Articulated Crane. Additionally, we were presented with a further Engineers Choice Award for the design (a first in the Southern Hemisphere).

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Not just a service facility, RONCO has its roots in the research and development of crane design and manufacture and as such, we have a thorough understanding of our industry and its special needs.

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