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Sensear | Hearing Protection and Communication


Sensear Pty Ltd is an Australian company with innovative and award-winning technology that enables clear speech communication in a range of high noise environments.

Research shows that the single biggest reason why people remove or avoid wearing hearing protection is the need to communicate with others.

Sensear’s revolutionary new range of earmuffs and earplugs enable face to face, mobile phone and two-way radio communication in high noise (above 85 dB(A)) environments while providing optimal hearing protection.

This innovation is the only effective preventative advance in the fight to eliminate Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), the world’s most common and incurable occupational illness.

In addition to its preventative attributes, Sensear’s technology also has the ability to variably enhance the speech signal received in noisy work or social environments, improving quality of life for people already affected with occupational hearing loss, who can now enjoy the benefits of Sensear’s revolutionary SENS® (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) technology.

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Worlds first electronic ear plug for safety - a communication and hearing revolution.

Sensear protects the wearer from harmful noise while allowing the wearer to hear regular speech and so communicate freely.

Three ways Sensear’s SP1x makes high-noise work environments safer and more productive.

1. Hearing Protection
• Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the world’s most common occupational illness.
• Sensear has perfected breakthrough SENS technology, utilising advances set of algorithms to suppress harmful noise, whilst enabling the wearer to communicate freely with others from a single unit.

2. Enables Free Voice Communication
• SP1x reduces background noise whilst retaining its original sound characteristics.
• Allows users to retain awareness of their surroundings for optimum safety
• Isolates speech in real time, so communication is easy

3. Bluetooth Mobile Calls or Two-Way Communication

• Allows wearer to communicate via Bluetooth mobile phone calls and two way radio communication while still being protected from harmful environmental noise.

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