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SiloPatrol® Continuous Level Transmitter

Supplier: Metaval Consolidated

The SiloPatrol® Inventory Monitoring System is the first truly robust cable-based smart sensor system. It is a field-proven approach to reliably monitoring the level of material in bins, silos and tanks up to 150 ft (45.7 m) in height. The heart of any inventory monitoring system is the sensor itself. The Silo Monitoring Unit (SMU) sensor requires no field adjustments and its robust design provides virtually maintenance-free operation. The SMU is suited for most any application and can be equipped with various mounting flanges and plumb bobs.

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SiloPatrol® Continuous Level Transmitter

The SiloPatrol system also offers the most sensor interface choices. If a standalone sensor with analog output and no operator interface display is what you are looking for, the SMU is available in this type of configuration at the lowest cost in the industry. Alternatively, the multifunctional Human Machine Interface (HMI) connects with the standard "smart" communication output version of the SMU and incorporates a robust electronic design.

The SiloPatrol system also features software interfaces. The SiloTrack™ PC-based Inventory Management Software provides a flexible graphical interface for up to 128 "smart" output sensors. Also available is an ActiveX® software package that simplifies the integration of the "smart" output SMUs into an existing PLC/PC control system.

Principle of Operation
Once a measurement cycle is initiated, the SMU's "smart" motor system controls the descent of a plumb bob, attached to a stainless steel cable, into the vessel. The SMU measures the amount of cable dispensed via its unique optical sensing system. The SMU's optics are completely sealed from the internal environment of the sensor as well as the conduit system to ensure long-term reliable operation.

The descent of the bob is maintained at an optimal speed by the "smart" motor control system, contributing to the elimination of cable slack and maximizing the motor life. In conjunction with the unique dual optical sensing system, the "smart" motor control system guarantees that the bob will stop when it contacts the material surface and eliminates the need for a mechanical brake. When the bob reaches the material surface, the SMU reverses the direction of the motor and transmits the distance value.

During the ascent of the bob, the SMU measures the amount of cable gathered and controls the speed of ascent. This ensures proper cable wrapping in the patented storage reel and tangle-free operation. The operator interface (HMI, SiloTrack™ PC software or ActiveX® software) can perform calculations and conversions to display the data in the format selected. The system, if so equipped, will also generate remote mounted analog and/or relay outputs (not with ActiveX® software).

The SiloPatrol® Inventory Monitoring System can be used in a wide variety of applications, including coarse/fine granular solids, powders, liquids, foodstuffs and even some sticky or corrosive substances. The nature of the electronics also makes it ideal for environments with temperature extremes and where ambient temperature variations can result in condensation.