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Sovereign Hydroseal

Sovereign Hydroseal | Water Proofing Solutions

Sovereign Hydroseal

Sovereign has been dedicated to the field of grouting and water proofing since 1972.

Uncontrolled water ingress into underground mine workings, mining excavations, dam walls, shafts, tunnels, foundations and the like can be one of the most annoying, difficult, dangerous and costly problems faced by engineers, owners and operators.

Sovereign specialises in the sealing of water with very high flow rates - leaks of 9900 Lt per minute(2500 Gal/min) have been successfully sealed in deep underground mines that was at risk of flooding.

Sovereign’s sealing technology also excels in conditions where water pressure is very high - leaks with pressures in excess of 2500 P.S.I.have been successfully sealed.

New research also saw the development of sealing solutions for weak geological structures, chimneys and underground bulkheads for the development in geological sequestration.

Sovereign is qualified to report to the Mining and Civil Construction industries.

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Sovereign’s sealing technology is not limited to water only - we are spearheading the sealing of abandoned underground mines for the safe storage of compressed air for wind energy.

Our grouts were also further developed to be used in briny conditions - tests were successfully completed in North American salt mines where it was demonstrated that salt mines can also benefit by our flexible grouts.

Similar underground sealing trials were conducted for liquid containment in preparation for carbon sequestration. Underground methane gas associated with water ingress can also be sealed with our special proprietary grouts. Our research team is continuously pursuing the technology of tomorrow while creating the ultimate seal.

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