Technical Training

Supplier: HYDAC International By: Eddie Alves
12 December, 2013

HYDAC offers Technical Training in our branch in Melbourne.

 According to the National Academy of Engineering (USA), engineers worldwide are facing a whirlwind of change. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that engineers must update half of everything they know every couple of years.

Additionally, demands from customers are also putting pressure on companies to adapt and evolve. For example, the fluid power industry is challenged to improve reliability, reduce the size and weight of components and systems, and reduce the environmental impact of their work, amongst others. In order to stay competitive fluid power companies must be open to the concept of lifelong learning for their staff and support them through continuous improvement.
Now entering its third year, the HYDAC Training Centre offers 10 practical courses on a variety of hydraulic topics. From understanding the basics of hydraulics, to tackling specific products, such as thermal optimisation, filtration and electronics, HYDAC’s courses are designed to keep engineers on top of their game.
Last year a milestone was reached when HYDAC began a partnership with Kangan Institute to offer national recognition for their training.
HYDAC’s Technical Training Officer, Paul Marley, is very pleased with the response: “Since we made national recognition available for our Understanding Hydraulics 1 course, over 31 per cent of attendees have added the national statement of attainment to their training outcome; and over 58 per cent have purchased the supporting text book.”
For full details on courses and availability, and to download an enrolment form, please visit