Ten features of security screens

Supplier: Maishi Wire Mesh Manufacture Group By: Nancy Liu
08 February, 2018

MAISHI MFG.GROUP is a manufacturer of security screens with different materials. Marine grade security screens are also called SupaShields security screen, bulletproof mesh etc.

The following are some features to the mesh:

  1. Security protection: Secure to prevent damage or rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animal invasion.
  2. Prevent falling objects: Protects elderly and young children even if the windows are open.
  3. Invisible and transparent: No sense of blocking and darkness. It will keep the room bright and natural.
  4. Easy to open and escape: It is easy for family members to evacuate quickly when crises happens, such as fire, etc.
  5. Energy saving: Won't cause air blocking. Blowing indoor at any time to reduce the unnecessary air conditioning operation.
  6. Easy to care: Easy to clean, dust and oil clean. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush will make the window as bright as a new one.
  7. Resists UV: Can absorb up to 30% of the UV. So you will avoid UV damage to the skin whilst enjoying the sun.
  8. User-friendly design: Special domestic exclusive design for doors and window corners will reduce injury to the elderly and young children caused by sharp doors and windows.
  9. Low-carbon environmental protection:  Screens from MAISHI MFG.GROUP are made by environmentally friendly materials, pollution-free.
  10. Wide range: Used for high-end residential buildings and villa groups.