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Thycon was founded in Melbourne in 1968 for the purpose of manufacturing power conversion products for the Industrial, Resource and Commercial sectors. This has been successfully maintained with extensive investment in research, development and manufacturing techniques. In fact, there are many products still in operation after over 30 years of service.

Product quality and reliability are attributed to production control, consistent testing and field experience. The company has expanded from variable speed DC drives to voltage / current regulated static power supplies, airfield lighting regulators, cycloconverters, line conditioners, high current rectifiers, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, static frequency converters, unity power factor and harmonic reduction units.

Technological advancements have been employed to update and improve products and manufacturing techniques. Research and development of new products have been backed by simulation and modelling softwares, CAD systems and testing instrumentation. Major developments in the production facilities have included investment in transformer manufacturing, clean room environment, thyristor testing, infra-red thermal scanning and certification to quality management standard ISO9001. Investment in research, development and manufacturing, together with careful selection and training of people, has produced a flexible company that adapts to the specific needs of industry.

Dedication to customer support services has ensured high performance and extended lifetime of Thycon equipment. Today, services include preventive maintenance, round the clock remedial service, direct telemonitoring, customer training programs and engineering advisory services.

Offices are maintained in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth to provide support for customers in need of fast, flexible and competent service. Our commitment to quality products and services remains our hallmark.

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Quality Assurance
Thycon conforms to quality assurance standard ISO9001. Our management system has been defined by experienced personnel who develop, implement and monitor quality assurance procedures. QA is intrinsic to the manufacturing process and operation of the company as a whole.

Research and Development
R&D expenditure has continuously exceeded 10% of total revenue. CAD systems are employed to assist in the theoretical analysis and design required for new projects. Dedicated test bays are allocated to such projects.

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