Tough ute trays demand tough parts

Supplier: Ovesco
20 March, 2018

The tough workout you put your ute through every day demands that your ute tray can handle the load.

Ute drivers demand that their trays perform above and beyond—even in the toughest conditions. But ute trays aren’t worth much if the parts their owners need to build them aren’t up to the task. 

All the parts and accessories for your ute trays

No matter what you use your ute for, the ute-obsessed team at ovesco have all the parts you need to get the job done. Tough hinges, pins, and bushes. Over-centre latches that keep stuff inside no matter how rough the terrain. Covers that protect the top edges of your side boards from all the hazards you encounter every day. Gas struts and Pinchweld rubber—whatever you need to kit out your tray just the way you want it.

Rubber matting to protect your ute’s floor

Since your tray often takes a beating when you’re out in the bush, you need to keep your ute’s floor protected. Tough rubber matting to protect your floor keeps your utility vehicle in as fine shape as the day you bought it.

Drop t locks for every need, every budget, every canopy

Your canopy stores all the gear that won’t fit inside your cab. Whether it’s sporting gear or tools you need on the job, you need a safe place to stash everything. Our Drop T locks keep your gear locked and safe.

We stock a large range of Drop T locks—one for every budget and need. Whether you want an Econo range Drop T or all the way up to our high-end central locking Ts with varied cam types, which include straight, offset, and roller cams for your canopy.

You can install all of our Drop Ts as three-way locking systems using a single lock—if you add just the right rod. You can cut these rods to the exact size you need, securing every corner of your canopy doors.

Wastage and time with kits

If you’re running a multi-unit production, we can kit all the products you need into individual boxes to save you time and effort. Each of these kits will give you everything you need to build a tray, including fasteners to attach all the hardware you need.

Hardware for alloy and steel trays

Whether you have steel or alloy trays, we have all the hardware you need. If you just need a service body for your tray, we have you covered, too.

Specialised tray products for miners

We built our reputation on the quality tray products and accessories we’ve supplied to mine spec vehicle manufactures in the Hunter Valley region. We can supply all the hardware and accessories you need to send your vehicles out into the field: anti-slip tape, beacons, fire extinguishers, LED lights, reflective tape, safety flags, wheel chocks, self-adhesive rubber seals, Cargo Nets and more.

Whether you’re a miner or just mine good vibes from driving your ute over tough terrain, your tray needs to take whatever punishment you expose it to. With ovesco’s tough ute tray parts, you know your tray can go the distance. To discover more about the toughest ute tray parts visit the ute section of our website to order online.

If you would like more information on multi-unit production kits,  then register your business at Open for Business section of the website to benefit from our custom tiered pricing.