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Transport Management Systems | BaCS

Supplier: Moore Stephens Technology Australia

MSTA has invested the last 3 years and several million dollars in the development of the BaCS end to end public transport management system.

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The BaCS system is installed in the largest public transport operators in Australia and running in excess of 3000 vehicles and over 4000 staff in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA. The system has been developed with the ability to link with world class Edge Ware products and Motorola digital two way radio systems. In fact MSTA was the first licensed developer for the Motorola digital platform in AsiaPac, providing such functionality as GPS tracking, Geofencing, anything to text, etc.

Aside from public transport operators the system is highly useful in areas such as emergency services, mining and utilities, any industry that operates a high number of assets as part of their business will find the BaCS transport management software advantageous.

The BaCS system is cost effective; the system is purchased outright and only has minimal annual maintenance fees providing confidence that it will always be up-to-date with the latest technology and with the backing of one of the largest software authors in the world - Microsoft.

Features of the BaCS transport management system include:

  • Operations:
    • Import from Austrics/Hastus/Excel templates (rail, manual and special event)
    • Daily/weekly/monthly roster planning with auto or manual vehicle and driver allocation and bus type allocation
    • Line of work management
    • Driver rotation roster
    • Daily/weekly/monthly roster generation
    • Manual shift creation (WAD Work As Directed)
    • Automatic validation for Drug and Alcohol, training, license, DA (Driver Authority), fatigue (all current regimes and user definable)
    • Single screen operations management
    • Vehicle type to route validation
    • Vehicle asset management and allocation (e.g. radio, GPS, ticket machine, etc.)
    • Accident management and workflow (including document management of police reports, photos etc.)
    • Swap shift
    • Merge shift
    • Breakdown
    • Swap bus or driver
    • Accident reporting
    • Defect/incident reporting
    • List of spare drivers
    • List of drivers volunteering for overtime
    • List of vehicles off road
    • List of WAD drivers
    • Driver sign on confirmation and method
    • Drill down on route/Node/Timing Point
    • Driver messaging
    • Quick driver contact details
    • Request print of payslip from HR
    • Access to registers (see Compliance)
    • Dead running management
    • Late running management
    • Cash reconciliation
    • Ticketing import ERG, Cubic, Wayfarer
  • Drivers kiosk:
    • Sign on and off (swipe card security)
    • Messaging (including digital voice)
    • Defect reporting
    • Leave applications
    • Shift BAT printing
    • Rosters to be worked
    • Request shift swap
    • Charter instruction sheets
    • Volunteer for O/T
    • Request copy of payslip from HR
  • Engineering:
    • Defect management
    • Defect inspection
    • Job creation
    • Campaigns
    • Scheduled/periodic maintenance (hours, Distance, Time)
    • Job card printing with QA
    • Materials control including consignment stock
    • Job costing per vehicle
    • Bar code scanning
    • Drag and drop job scheduling
    • Labour utilisation control
    • Ability to suspend jobs
    • Job hand over
    • Full validation against certificates and licenses
    • Fuel import and validation Datafuel, Pumpmate
    • Fuel management including coolant, AdBlue, Oil
    • Tyre management and torque management
    • Fuel tank management(including temperature compensation)
    • Bus cleaning management and reporting
    • Plant management and depreciation
    • On-board accessory management, e.g. fridges, bins, coffee, etc.
    • Inventory control and pricing
  • Payroll:
    • Full payroll
    • Hour's interpretation (enables the use of 3rd party payroll packages)
    • Payslip design for the bus industry including shifts and allowances
  • Mechanics kiosk:
    • Sign on and off (swipe card security)
    • Messaging
    • Defect management
    • Job management
    • Parts management
    • Bar code scanning
    • Digital voice messaging
    • Job card printing
    • Leave application
    • Request print of payslip from HR
    • Vehicle finishing at X location request
  • Reports:
    • 50 bus and coach industry specific company reports to choose from
  • Charter:
    • Full CRM (prospect and Supplier)
    • Quotes
    • Bookings
    • Pricing
    • One click shift creation and allocation to roster
    • Invoicing
    • Driver instructions
    • Charter route templates for reuse
    • Import of special events and rail replacement work
    • Pricing based on distance, time, fixed price, zone or a combination
    • Purchasing system for overnight accommodation
    • Driver cash management
    • Full method drop, drop and wait, drop and return, pick up only
  • Next-Bus-Out Monitor:
    • Details of next vehicle out displayed in driver room rolling with driver sign on

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