Turnkey ventilation solutions available from Fanquip

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Turnkey ventilation solutions for factories

Fanquip provide turnkey ventilation solutions for factories, warehouses and food processing plants.

Fanquip offer various combinations of technologies (air movement, temperature, humidity, dust and fume control), required to tackle challenges associated with workplace environment.

Fanquip’s turnkey ventilation solutions service is ideal for multi-product processing plants which are often running processes producing all types of airborne matter.

A specialised facilitator is more likely to combine the right technologies to keep the facility clean with respect to OH&S requirements.

Other industries such as the paper, cardboard and tissue processing and handling sectors would benefit with turnkey ventilation solutions to maintain humidity control, which in turn will maintain the integrity of the product.

Food and beverage production companies can use turnkey ventilation solutions to regulate quality of air and moisture levels.

In welding bays, Fanquip’s turnkey ventilation solutions will ensure that toxic and carcinogenic fume removal is done effectively for workplace safety.