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Vortex tubes are a reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. Using an ordinary supply of compressed air as a power source, vortex tubes and spot cooling products create two streams of air, one hot and one cold, with no moving parts.

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Vortex tubes can produce:

  • Temperatures from -46 deg. C to +127 deg. C
  • Flow rates from 1 to 150 SCFM
  • Refrigeration up to 10,200 Btu/hr. (2571 Kcal/hr.)

Temperatures, flows and refrigeration are adjustable over a wide range using the control valve on the hot end exhaust.

Adjustable Spot Cooler

Cold air to -34 deg. C from your compressed air supply for spot cooling.

The Adjustable Spot Cooler provides a precise temperature setting from -34 deg. C to room temperature.  It is quiet (less than 75 dBA), easily set with a thermometer and holds the temperature setting.  It's ideal for applications where mist or liquid cooling can not be used due to part contamination or cost.  Tolerances, product finish and production rates can improve dramatically.

The Adjustable Spot Cooler is available with either a single point or dual point hose kit.  This flexible tubing holds its position and directs the cold air.  The single point system is recommended for cooling a small surface like solder joints, hot melts or drilled plastics.  The dual point system is recommended when heat is generated over a larger surface area.  A swivel magnetic base provides easy mounting and portability.  No moving parts or CFC's assures maintenance free operation.

Mini Cooler

Cool small parts and tools with clean, cold air; prevent burning, melting or breakage.

EXAIR's Mini Cooler can reduce downtime and increase productivity on a variety of operations involving small parts where heat is a problem.  It produces a stream of -7 deg. C cold air to prevent heat build-up.  The Mini Cooler is particularly effective on high speed operations to prevent burning, melting and heat related breakage.  Operation is quiet (76 dBA) and there are no moving parts to wear out.  

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