Warehouse solution saves space, time, handles large amount of orders

Supplier: Dynsto
29 May, 2015

Computersalg is one of the oldest running e-business organisations in Denmark and a leading supplier of electronic goods. Recently moving to a new facility they required a new picking and storage solution, as they wanted to automate their warehouse at the same time.

The top 3 challenges identified:

  1. The warehouse must be able to handle a large amount of small orders
  2. Speed, accuracy, and compact storage were important decision-making factors.
  3. Integration of software with own web-order and warehouse man-agement system.

The solution for Computersalg

Was to supply and install the latest generation Effimat®, the Effimat is a New High Speed Generation of Vertical Lift Modules and was found to be the best solution for computersalg because of the high levels of speed and safety, which is perfect for handling many small orders.

The EffiMat® is integrated with Com-putersalg’s web-order and warehouse management system. This means that the warehouse will be able to handle a large amount of orders with a picking speed of up to 400 order-lines per hour.

In addition, Computersalg ended up constructing their new building with a tower to contain the 8 metre EffiMat®. Measurements: H: 8m, W: 5.22m, D: 2.26m.  600 boxes at 40 x 60 cm. 

The end result

With the new solution, it is now possible to order directly from web to Effimat®, ensuring speed and accuracy. Computersalg will now be able to pick and ship products on the same day as they are ordered.

  • Return on investment expected in 18-24 months
  • Integration with web-order and warehouse management system
  • Save up to 300 m2 of space

"With the new EffiMat® we have chosen an automated solution that will ensure a very high speed and safety when picking our products, in addition to very compact storage. With less resources being used, fewer picking errors, and the space we have opened up, I expect to see a return on investment in just 18-24 months," said Kim Rand, CEO at Computersalg A/S.

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