What to consider when automating your food production line

Supplier: Food Automation
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch speaks with Chris De Krom from Food Automation to hear his thoughts on why food & beverage production businesses should consider automation today.

Chris De Krom - Owner of Food Automation

People have to be open to changes, they should be able to look to the future and and say "where we are going to be in five, ten years"? You (companies) have to look (especially in Australia) at how you can automate and even though people don’t want to send employees away, they should look at it in a different way, that they can let the employees do something else.

In the end if they do not automate, they will not be successful in this business. We encourage people to look out of the box and you have to be willing to travel. Australia is a big country but we can also learn from Europe and other foreign places, go to foreign exhibitions as well, look at other industries because most of the time, the principles are the same. You only have to adapt it to your product and when you interact with other people, when you speak to people who have invented the wheel, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can learn from their mistakes and that is one of the benefits which Australia has. In Europe they have to do it on their own and do it the hard way but in this instance you already know how to do it – (but) you only have to travel.

We have clients and suppliers in the Netherlands and we are not only selling our products, we also sell our network, the network of our suppliers, expose them (businesses) to networks in Europe and help them to see the future (this is priceless). We help them so see what is happening, even if it is on a bigger scale and help them to translate it to their own situation (and make progress).