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Woven Polyester Strapping | DURA-GRIP

Supplier: Packline Solutions

DURA-GRIP woven polyester strapping equals the breaking strain of steel strapping but is only 15% of the weight for similar specification. It is easy to handle, with no sharp edges to injure users.

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Benefits of DURA-GRIP Woven Strapping

Woven polyester strapping is stronger than any other alternative because it has more
filaments that are woven together for extra strength and it has an added stiffening agent in the strap
to make it rigid enough for any industrial uses.

Advanced Performance

  • Woven Polyester absorbs high impacts far better than steel, thus retaining the load more effectively.
  • Woven Polyester strapping provides 3-4 % of retraction at normal work tension, which allows the
    material to stretch. This is not possible with steel.
  • Buckle system allows for further retensioning of packs that settle without replacing the strapping.
    This is a massive advantage over steel strapping


  • Woven strap coils weigh only 8kg and are easily loaded into the dispenser.
  • Each coil contains many more metres compared to a coil of steel strap, reducing the frequency of coil changes.

Safety & Disposal

  • A major advantage of woven strap over steel is that it has no sharp edges and won’t cut hands, face or eyes.
  • When cut, it does not spring back as violently as steel.
  • Disposal of composite strap is safer & easier than steel.

Simple to use

  • With one tool to tension and cut your strapping, the DURA-GRIP woven strapping system is an effortless and efficient way to secure goods.
  • Easily removed and disposed of, your customers will benefit too from this strong, safe strapping method.

Weather, Chemical and UV Resistant

  • Woven strap is virtually unaffected by weather and environment.
  • Woven strap does not rust and is resistant to ultraviolet rays and most chemicals.
  • It also performs very well in temperatures from -40 – 70 degrees C.

Sizes and Specifications

  • Our woven polyester strapping products are available in a wide variety of widths and strengths.
  • To get started with DURA-GRIP woven strapping you will need to purchase the strapping, buckles, a tensioning tool and a strapping dispenser. Our DURA-GRIP Kits are ideal for new users because they include everything you require and will save you money.

Code         Description                                                  Length (Metres) Breaking Strain (KG’s)
WPS-16S   16mm S/DUTY Woven Polyester - 1 Blue Line  1000                 350
WPS-19L   19mm L/DUTY Woven Polyester - 1 Blue Line    850                  590
WPS-19S   19mm S/DUTY Woven Polyester - 1 Red Line    700                  840
WPS-19H   19mm H/DUTY Woven Polyester - 2 Red Lines   500                 1100
WPS-32H   32mm H/DUTY Woven Polyester - White            125                2300

For more information or a quote on the DURA-GRIP Woven Strapping, please call or email for a direct reply.